Council discusses how to allocate the city's resources toward priority areas over the course of many public meetings. They also use resources such as the Council Budget Questions Board (where city staff publicly post answers to budget-related questions) and the Concept Menu (which lists potential budget amendments) to help them navigate the budget process.

After the City Manager presents his or her proposed budget, City Council begins discussing whether and how they want to change that proposal. Changes can come in the form of increased investments, cuts in spending, or changes in revenue.

This year, Council Members proposed items by placing them on a "Concept Menu."

Rough number of Budget Items that Council Members added to the Concept Menu for discussion for this budget.


City Council discusses the budget at public meetings and on the Council's online message board.

During these meetings, Council Members discuss their proposed amendments to the budget and their views on the best way to use the limited funding they have available to invest in their priorities.

Rough amount of time Council spent discussing the budget after the City Manager submitted his proposal, over the course of 15 meeting days.


The City of Austin adopts a balanced budget each year, which means that the projected revenues fully cover the budgeted spending.

This year, Council made significant changes to the City Manager's initial proposal, including cutting spending in order to move that funding over to other Council priorities.


Rough number of Budget Item amendments that Council Members voted to adopt into the final budget.


        200 ITEMS        

        60 HOURS