Budget Overview

Mobility (Coming Soon)

This budget invests in building & maintaining our sidewalks, roads, bike lanes, and other mobility assets so residents of all abilities can move around their communities safely.

Public Safety (Coming Soon)

This budget invests in maintaining public safety for our communities through police, the fire department, emergency medical services, and other strategies.

Flood Mitigation (Coming Soon)

This budget invests in repairing and maintaining our drainage infrastructure, improving outreach and education, and implementing other flood mitigation efforts.

Community Assets (Coming Soon)

This budget invests in responsibly managing and maintaining the community assets that make Austin special, including our parks, pools, libraries, and public spaces.

Health (Coming Soon)
Equity (Coming Soon) 

This budget invests in health and human services that keep Austin residents healthy and safe and provide them with access to important care.

This budget invests in important steps identified by the community to address historical inequities that persist in many different aspects of life in Austin.


Education (Coming Soon)

This budget invests in educational opportunities for the next generation of Austin residents, including by partnering with the Austin Independent School District.

Revenue (Coming Soon)

These budgetary investments are funded by a number of different sources, including sales taxes, property taxes, and other fees and revenue.