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Check out our interactive community map below! This map contains interesting information on the many different communities that make up District 7, including data related to: demographics, socio-economics, employment, mobility, and civic groups, among other things.


Click on the box in the upper lefthand side of the map to expand a sidebar that allows you to choose different viewable areas on the map, including: neighborhoods, zip code areas, Census Tracts, voting precincts, other Council districts, and more!


Click on an area on the map to learn more about that area, including about: the communities that live there, what types of transportation residents use, what types of housing stock exists, which industries are the major employers, and much more!

Welcome to the online office for Austin City Council District 7, which encompasses most of Central North Austin. Council Member Leslie Pool represents District 7 on City Council.


This online office offers valuable information and resources that will help empower you and your neighbors to engage constructively with our office and with the city government on the issues that matter to you.

District 7

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