Vision & Mission


We are a healthy, educated, and thriving community where empowered, engaged and caring residents work together to protect our environment, ensure sustainable growth and foster resilient neighborhoods.


We serve and represent residents in District 7 and across Austin through responsive leadership, collaborative problem solving, effective policy making, and encouraging a sense of community.



We strive to offer visionary, innovative and strategic leadership.


We seek to collaborate and communicate well, both as a team and with others.



We seek to engage with and empower all of our District 7 communities.



We are dedicated to upholding Austin's core community values and being of service.


We seek to listen, be responsive, and treat everyone with respect.


We care for people and are working to create a community that works for all.

Welcome to the online office for Austin City Council District 7, which encompasses most of Central North Austin. Council Member Leslie Pool represents District 7 on City Council.


This online office offers valuable information and resources that will help empower you and your neighbors to engage constructively with our office and with the city government on the issues that matter to you.

District 7

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